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Monarch International is a full-service real estate investment and brokerage firm that has a comprehensive range of integrated, tailored, and innovative real estate solutions.

Applying our unique research-driven approach, we provide access to wide range of high-quality real estate investment opportunities that offer robust income-based returns and strong growth potential.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to client services.


Array of Services

Investment Consultancy

Our investment consulting service features a team of skilled advisors who understand how to develop an ideal approach for you. We'll devise tailored investing strategies that will provide the solutions you need.

Asset Management

Monarch International’s asset management experts, who have years of experience in organizational asset management and investment policy, can assist you in navigating a constantly changing environment.

Professional consultation

We will provide personalized solutions to help clients with their real estate needs by drawing on our extensive industry knowledge, long-standing expertise, and current market trends.

Marketing and Sales

To lead in the market, Monarch International’s focused specialists will execute proven sales approaches and up-to-date marketing solutions to achieve consistent results that will boost sales.

Project Management

Monarch International’s skilled project management team is committed to managing every aspect of a project, from the 50,000-foot perspective to the detailed minutia.

An Overview of Market

The people of Monarch International provide you with complete insight and solutions to the issues of the current market, that will help you in managing the future sales and purchases.

People Of Monarch International


The multidisciplinary team of strategists, consultants, recruiters, realtors, and project managers at Monarch International has worked for prestigious national and multinational real estate organizations for many years. People at Monarch International take pride in their work and pay close attention to every detail. They strive to be better every day, not just for their clients but also for themselves and the community.

Core Values



Building on our successes, we are embarking on a new era of growth. We plan to provide innovative, cutting-edge solutions and services in the real-estate industry to our local and overseas Pakistanis.

Real estate is regarded as the economic backbone of a country. Pakistan’s real estate sector has immense potential to uplift and revitalize the country’s economy.

With Monarch International, we have taken the initiative to become a part of the process of Pakistan’s real estate escalation. Despite being the sector that contributes the most to the economy, there are still certain ambiguities and loopholes that we hope to resolve through our strategic research and planning-oriented outlook. We promise to uphold the greatest standards of excellence, respect, clarity, and value for our clientele by producing some of the finest A Grade projects that exemplify the highest international standards.

I personally believe that our motivation to take on new challenges can be extremely valuable, particularly in real estate, which is now in its challenging yet transformative phase.

Dynasty of Monarch

Sohail Azam Chauhan


The Monarch of real estate investment and sales, mentor to many, a born innovator, a problem solver by nature, and an analytical thinker

Chaudhary Abdul Wasif


With over ten years of experience in business development, marketing, and operations management, the Co-Founder of Monarch International

Sardar Muddassir Azad khan


Co-founder of “Monarch International," not only devoted himself to sales, but he also decided to mentor and assist new and existing Monarch professionals


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