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“A tradition of trust”


Monarch International Private Limited is a real estate and investment consultancy organization that promises to match international standards throughout the journey and deliver exceptional results with an up-to-date, dynamic, creative, and pragmatic approach during design, consultation, planning, development, delivery, and after sales phases.  

✓   With a vision to ‘Inspire the Clients’, Monarch International grants its clients the ownership of their respective properties. It also offers them a chance to become shareholders in the greatest investment opportunities available.

✓   Utilizing the knowledge and experience gained as investment gurus and property owners working on large and distinctive projects over various periods of time, the people at Monarch International are committed to bridging the gaps and providing the best solution that benefits both the investors and the end users.


Investment Consultancy

At Monarch, our investment consulting service features a team of skilled advisors who understand and know how to develop an ideal approach for you. We'll devise tailored investing strategies that will provide the solutions you need.

Asset Management

Monarch’s asset management gurus, who have years of experience in organizational asset management and investment policy, can assist you in navigating a constantly changing environment.

Professional consultation

The opinions of the people of Monarch are based on our years of experience and our exhaustive understanding of the market. We will provide personalized solutions to help clients with their property

Marketing and Sales

To lead in the market, Monarch’s focused specialists will execute proven sales approaches and marketing solutions to achieve consistent results that will boost sales.

Management of Agreements

For the people of Monarch, agreement management is more than just assisting you with the paperwork.

An Overview of Market

The people of Monarch provide you with complete insight and solutions to the issues of the current market. That will help you in managing the future sales and purchases.


The multidisciplinary team of strategists, consultants, recruiters, realtors, and project managers at Monarch International has worked for prestigious national and international/multinational real estate organizations for many years. People at Monarch International take pride in their work and pay close attention to every detail. They strive to be better every day, not just for their clients but also for themselves and the community.


"Leading Excellence​"

Sohail Chauhan

Sohail Chauhan

CEO & Co-Founder

The Monarch of real estate investment and sales, mentor to many, a born innovator, a problem solver by nature, and an analytical thinker, Mr. Sohail Chauhan has recently led a team of more than 150 professionals as Sales Head of a well-established real estate enterprise in Pakistan. In the past few months, he successfully managed a portfolio of sales worth more than PKR 715 million with his excellent leadership abilities and contemporary techniques. 

After advocating people regarding investments and helping them with asset management for over a decade, Mr. Sohail Chauhan has embarked on a journey to bring the real estate sector dynamics to a position where they meet international standards. With two friends and a competent compatriot, he decided to establish the foundation of his own real estate firm, “Monarch International”. The name “Monarch” itself denotes its majesty and is soon going to be the most prestigious real estate organization in Pakistan. 

Mr. Sohail Chauhan, CEO and Co-Founder of Monarch International, himself is effectively associated with all the business matters to guarantee that his objective of putting the people and investors of Monarch first is executed at all levels.


Our vision is to be the “Premier Choice Real Estate Firm” around the globe.

We aspire to establish an organization pertaining to specific principles and values that will simultaneously provide unrivaled services to the clients, outstanding opportunities for employees, and mutual benefits to our partners that will make everyone happy, satisfied, and inspired. 


Monarch International, as the name implies, this king is going to be a mover and shaker in the real estate business by reforming its ways. Our work is your life, your dreams, and an extension of your legacy. Collaborative alliances are solely based on transparency and mutual trust in order to establish long-term client relationships. We honor and applaud working with people who are dedicated to working hard while also giving back to their communities in profound ways.


Our mission is to create long-term value for our investors through the careful stewardship of their real-estate investments. We will lead in revolutionizing Pakistan’s real estate industry to the highest standards of transparency, professionalism, and customer service. 

We are determined to attain our vision by cultivating an energizing, productive, and results-oriented work environment that prioritizes long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. We are committed to providing their clients with incomparable services and leading market expertise and are devoted to adding value. Our services will be characterized by zealous excellence and consistent, impressive results. The focus and collaborative spirit of the people at Monarch to grow will aid in achieving their goals.


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Based on my operational experience, I believe that the current market lacks basic strategic planning. However, we are changing our approaches at Monarch. Maintaining a dialogue with shareholders and investors, we feel, is tremendously advantageous since it not only helps them obtain a better understanding of Monarch management strategies and business activities, but it also improves Monarch’s management quality and boosts its value.

Therefore, we are committed to providing every relevant piece of information and improving communication with our shareholders and partners, listening to their concerns, and incorporating their suggestions into improvements through explanations and management reports.

Through a combination of professional excellence and an in-depth understanding, we are undoubtedly going to make a difference in the real estate world.  

Abdul Wasif

Abdul Wasif


Mudassir Azad khan

Mudassir Azad khan


I’ve always wanted to start a company that will deliver notable services to the people, by the people with entrepreneurial spirits who aren’t simply doing jobs but running successful businesses. After working in marketing and sales for many years, I observed that there was always a communication gap between a client and the organization throughout the sales journey, which creates inconvenience in many ways.

At Monarch International, we want to form long-term relationships with our clients. A partnership built on mutual trust, transparency, and constant communication. After consulting with the property professional, equipped with a solid sales background on how to invest your money wisely. We have an After-Sales Service team, who will enable us to channel the requests of clients into the resolution of all subsequent requests, ensuring their complete satisfaction at all times.

Monarch International’s services do not end when the sale contract is signed. We are by your side before, during, and after.


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